To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development

An annual publication of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD), To Improve the Academy offers a resource for improvement in higher education to faculty and instructional development staff, department chairs, faculty, deans, student services staff, chief academic officers, and educational consultants.

Contents include:

  • Graduate student internships as a pathway to the profession of educational development

  • Preparing faculty to develop hybrid courses

  • Writing groups for work-life balance

  • A faculty learning community approach to tenure and promotion

  • Helping faculty integrate citizenship into the curriculum

  • Students' perspectives on enhancing communication with faculty

  • Effecting change in limited-control classroom environments

  • A laboratory research group model for the scholarship of teaching and learning

  • Institutional encouragement of the scholarship of teaching and learning

  • Multiple definitions of critical thinking

  • Faculty development and governance collaborating on curriculum revision

  • Academic dishonesty among international students

  • Serving veterans with disabilities

  • Working with psychologically impaired faculty

  • Leadership development for faculty of color

  • Diffusing the impact of tokenism on faculty of color

  • Difficult Dialogues for cross-cultural faculty development

  • Faculty development beyond instructional development

  • Fundraising by teaching centers

  • Evaluation of teaching and learning centers

  • Faculty development career disruptions

  • Emergent shifts in the faculty development portfolio